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What Folks Are Saying About Spack Academy Tools

"This is a document that I wish I had to reference when I first started out in this field. " - Vicki Haskell, PE
Urban & Regional Planner, WisDOT
"The Manuals look great. They are straightforward, concise and to-the-point, and really easy to read, especially for recent graduates." - Alan Samsa
Australian Chartered Engineer,
Samsa Consulting
"Wow!!! You really delivered. I am going to make most of this material required reading for our Impact Study staff." - Gary Sokolow
Florida DOT - Systems Planning
"Thank you for putting together this useful resource. I’m sure something like this will be very helpful for younger staff who typically get assigned to performing traffic counts." - Vinod Kalikiri, PE
Project Manager, VHB
"The Traffic Study Manual represents a comprehensive introduction to traffic studies, that includes some meaningful lessons learned that could help save early career transportation engineers time and confusion. " - David Hurwitz, Ph.D.
Assistant Civil Engineering
Professor, Oregon State Univeristy
"Overall I found the Traffic Study Manual to be a pretty clear and concise document that provided the user with easy to follow instructions and outlines to prepare a TIS." - Matt Brown, PE, PTOE
Vice-President, A&F Engineering
"The Traffic Study Manual is well written and has some great tips that I wish someone had shared with me when I was a young engineer. The authors do a great job of adding anecdotal stories to illustrate the points they are making. I’d recommend this to any engineer hired to write traffic impact studies, especially young engineers at consulting firms that do a lot of traffic impact study work for private developer clients. " - Nick Erpelidng, PE, PTOE
Traffic Engineer
"A fresh look at preparing impact studies is timely and welcome. What I especially like is the commentary side of this piece; anecdotal references and stories that make up the fabric of heuristics in traffic engineering. Other manuals have never provided that color." - Mark Lenters, PE
Service Group Manager, GHD Inc.
"I found the Traffic Counting Manual to be comprehensive and informative. It is a good one-stop-shop for a good understanding of the different traffic surveying techniques. I’ve shared the document with my colleagues who work on those studies on a more day-to-day basis." - William Hu
Engineer, Translink

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  • Easy to Understand

    Easy to Understand

    Our materials are developed in plain English and include all of the lessons we've learned over our 15+ year careers. We teach the insider tricks and lessons you don't get in school or trade publications.

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    Shorten the Learning Curve

    Our materials are designed to get the new professional up to speed quickly - saving them and their managers considerable time.

  • All Profits to Charity

    All Profits to Charity

    We proudly donate a 100% of Spack Academy profits to charities, including Engineers Without Borders.