Traffic Counting Manual

tcm_cover_on_bookAt Traffic Data Inc, we’ve done more than 5,000 counts since 2001.  We’ve learned a lot in the past decade about counting cars, mostly through trial and error, but also from chatting with other data collection folks around the country.

This eBook lays out how we do data collection – from bidding jobs, to organizing field personnel, to delivering the data.  No academics involved.  This is a document by data collectors for data collectors.

There’s a lot of overlap in the process for collecting different types of data.  To keep things simple, we’ve organized this eBook into the following sections:

  • Types of Data Collection
  • Location and Time Selection
  • Office Preparation
  • Installation
  • Data Processing
  • Quality Check
  • Testing Equipment
  • Pricing
  • Data Collection Equipment Brands

Also included with the Traffic Counting Manual – for FREE – templates of checklists and forms we use at Traffic Data Inc as well as sample output reports from different traffic counting software.